The University of Minnesota has a Records Retention Policy indicating that a student conduct record be retained for seven years after graduation or last date of attendance. For the Twin Cities campus, this Expungement Petition is to be used to request an exception to this policy. 

If an expungement is petitioned and granted, the student conduct record will be deleted. As a result, the record of the violation will not be disclosed to external third parties by the Office for Community Standards (OCS) or Housing and Residence Life (HRL).

Violations of Student Conduct Code Section 1: Scholastic Dishonesty will continue to be addressed through the Academic Integrity Matters (AIM) process. When a student completes the AIM program and fulfills all AIM requirements, the disciplinary record is changed to non-disciplinary. OCS only reports out on disciplinary records, and only if the student has given permission. However, if a student successfully completes the AIM program and has no further academic violations, they can request an expungement of their non-disciplinary record upon graduation.

The petition to expunge a record is a courtesy provided by the University of Minnesota and is not a requirement of law; the University has no obligation to expunge a student's conduct record.


Petition requirements

  1. In order to have your record expunged, you must complete all the requirements of the disciplinary outcomes(s) including completion of an associated probationary period, if applicable. 
  2. If you have been involved in an additional incident, expungement will not be considered until that matter is resolved and any outcomes fulfilled.
  3. If you wish to request multiple record expungements, a separate petition is needed for each individual incident. 


Petition Review

The petition will be decided by the Director of the Office for Community Standards or the appropriate designee.

Factors that will be considered in the petition include the following:

  • The nature of the violation(s) 
  • The number of violations 
  • Whether the disciplinary outcomes are complete
  • The student’s responses to the petition’s questions and any supporting documentation

An expungement is unlikely to be granted sooner than 18 months from the date that the incident occured or 3 months after graduation, whichever comes first. 

Violations of Student Conduct Code Section IV. Subd. 1: Scholastic Dishonesty will only be considered if the student successfully completed the AIM program. No other scholastic dishonesty violations will be considered. To request an expungement of an academic record, please fill out this form

Violations of the Student Conduct Code Section IV. Subd. 6:  Harm to Others will require an in depth review of individual circumstances to determine appropriateness for expungement. 

Violations of the Student Conduct Code Section IV. Subd. 9:  Sexual Harassment, Sexual Assault, Stalking, and Relationship Violence will not be considered. 

Finally, as reflected by the Office for Community Standards Records policy, suspensions, expulsion and open cases are maintained indefinitely and are not subject to any expungement processes.  

Please note that this process applies only to student conduct records maintained by the Office for Community Standards and Housing and Residential Life. Records maintained by other departments, such as the Registrar or the University of Minnesota Police Department, are not expunged through this process.

Under ordinary circumstances, the decision-maker or decision-making body will review the request and inform the student of the decision within 10 business days. 


For questions, e-mail [email protected] or call 612-624-6073. 

For Students who are interested in submitting a petition to have a student conduct record expunged: Request an Expungement