Guiding Principles of the Student Conduct Code

aerial view of u of m campus
  • The University seeks an environment that promotes academic achievement and integrity, that is protective of free inquiry, and that serves the educational mission of the University.
  • The University seeks a community that is free from violence, threats, and intimidation; that is respectful of the rights, opportunities, and welfare of students, faculty, staff, and guests of the University ; and that does not threaten the physical or mental health or safety of members of the University community.
  • The University is dedicated to responsible stewardship of its resources and to protecting its property and resources from theft, damage, destruction, or misuse.
  • The University supports and is guided by state and federal law while also setting its own standards of conduct for its academic community.
  • The University is dedicated to the rational and orderly resolution of conflict. 
  • Students are entitled to the rights and responsibilities of other citizens with regard to freedom of speech, peaceable assembly, and right to petition. Students are entitled to exercise their rights to inquire and dissent, speak freely, and peaceably assemble and protest to the extent permissible under both the First Amendment and the Student Conduct Code. 
  • Students are entitled to due process and procedural fairness protections, including the prompt notification of charges, the opportunity to respond, the right to an advocate of choice, and the right to the resolution of a case within a reasonable period of time.