Disciplinary Process

The disciplinary process is the process OCS follows to resolve reported violations of the Student Conduct Code. This process is designed to resolve issues in a way that is fair to all community members.

Notifying the Student of the Report

When OCS receives a report, they will send an email to the accused student telling them about the report. Often, this letter will direct the student to schedule a meeting in our office. There are some situations where a student may not be required to meet with a staff member.

Meeting with the Student About the Report

An accused student may be required to attend an informal meeting with an OCS staff person to discuss the incident and learn about the disciplinary process. Even if not required, a student may still choose to have an informal meeting to discuss an incident. If appropriate, OCS may also meet with others who witnessed or reported the incident.

Opportunity for Further Review

After an informal meeting, the student will receive an email from OCS offering an informal resolution to the incident. The student can then choose whether they agree with the resolution and the case is closed, or they can disagree with the resolution and can request a formal hearing.

Due Process

The University's disciplinary process is designed to be fair to all the individuals involved.

Standard of Proof

The University uses preponderance of the evidence as the standard of proof for alleged violations of the Student Conduct Code. This means that students will be held responsible for a violation of the Student Conduct Code if it is more likely than not that the violation has occurred.

Procedures and Policies Within Specific University Programs