Sanctioning Guidelines for Title IX Violations

When an investigation of a Title IX violation such as sexual assault, sexual harassment, stalking or relationship violence leads to a finding of responsibility for violating the Student Conduct Code, the following guidelines can be used in determining sanctions. The purpose of administering a sanction is to hold students accountable for their actions, ensure the safety and well-being of the members of the university community, and to facilitate learning.

The following questions are considered when determining an appropriate sanction:

  1. Was force used?
  2. Was the reporting party incapacitated due to drugs or alcohol?
  3. Was consent obtained at every point throughout the interaction?
  4. Does the accused student accept responsibility for their actions?
  5. What is the supporting evidence in the case?
  6. Have witnesses corroborated the evidence?

Below are examples of sanctions for students found responsible for violating the University of Minnesota Student Conduct Code

Please keep in mind that the factors surrounding each case are unique and the facts/findings may yield different results. Students found responsible may be assigned additional sanction (for example, required compliance, educational sanctions) in additional to the sanctions listed here. Please refer to Section V of the Student Conduct Code for more information about sanctions.

Category Actions Warning Probation Suspension (less than 2 years) Suspension (2-4 years) Suspension (5+ years) Expulsion
Sexual Harassment Verbal sexual comments
Relationship Violence
Non-Consensual Sexual Contact Touching over clothes
Kissing (above shoulders)
Light contact with hands under clothes
Sexual touching, fondling, and/or groping
Kissing below the neck (breasts or genitals)
Non-Consensual Sexual Intercourse Oral Sex
Digital penetration
Sexual Exploitation Distributing naked photographs
Invasion of Sexual Privacy (taking photos, video, voyerism)
Unlawfully obtaining and distributing private sexual photos or videos
Knowingly transmitting sexual infections or disease
Child pornography