Academic Integrity Matters (AIM)

Academic Integrity Matters (AIM) is a program offered to students who have been accused of scholastic dishonesty and accept responsibility for violating the Student Conduct Code. Students are eligible to participate if they have not had prior incidents of scholastic dishonesty and are not subject to additional sanctions such as probation, suspension, or expulsion. This program provides a greater understanding of academic integrity and an opportunity to repair the harm caused by scholastic dishonesty through participation in a community meeting.

During the community meeting, a group of student participants share with a group of community members (students, faculty, and staff) what happened with regard to scholastic dishonesty. The student participants and community members each discuss the impact of the scholastic dishonesty and then agree on an educational opportunity the student can participate in to demonstrate understanding of academic integrity.

To complete this program students who have accepted responsibility for violating the Student Conduct Code will need to attend a 2-hour community meeting and complete agreed upon educational experiences determined at the community meeting. Upon successful completion of the program, student records will become “non-disciplinary”. This process is confidential and information about participants will not be shared.