Informal Meetings with OCS

When a violation of the student conduct code is reported to the Office for Student Conduct and Academic Integrity (OSCAI), an accused student may receive an email directing them to schedule an informal meeting. Students should contact the office at 612-624-6073 to schedule an informal meeting.

Informal Meeting Agenda

Informal meetings between a student and a staff member are designed to help informally resolve a reported incident. During this meeting, an OCS staff member will

  • Provide an overview of student rights, the disciplinary process, and the Student Conduct Code
  • Review and discuss the report that was submitted
  • Discuss resolution options
  • Hear the student's account of what happened and answer questions a student might have

Outcomes and Follow Up

After an informal meeting, the student will receive a letter with a proposed outcome to the incident that was discussed. If the student disagrees with the outcome, they may request a formal hearing. A staff person may also be willing to have a follow up meeting or phone conversation to further discuss the proposed outcome.

Advocates and Lawyers

A student may choose to bring a support person such as an advocate or lawyer with them to a meeting with OCS. Students can obtain an advocate through the Student Conflict Resolution Center (SCRC). If a student plans to have their lawyer attend the meeting with them, OSCAI should be notified before hand.